Dark Side of the Moon

How to get away with mass murder and become a hero of all mankind?

“When I first saw the camp and the underground tunnels of the V2 factory that it had supplied with slave laborers (some 20,000 of whom died) […] The shock of grasping the size of the distortion perpetrated by von Braun and his American apologists was so strong that trying to convey the nature of the falsehood suddenly seemed futile. [They] covered up the place’s horror or maintained that being involved with the V2 was different from being involved with the slaves–that science was above society, in largest terms. Who would believe this without seeing it? Germans might cover it up to save their necks, but why would Americans help them? One falls back on Aristotle. But the way out of this bind ultimately came from the people most damaged by the camp. On that raw grey Thuringian spring day, as the old French Resistance fighters –who had been imprisoned by the SS at Dora, wired in the brutal tunnels and somehow survived–climbed down the steps of a tour bus that had brought them back to the camp’s drab entrance of commemoration ceremonies, children of the current citizens of Nordhausen silently handed each of them a white rosebud. I shall never forget the mens faces as they struggled to appreciate the gift. They all held onto the roses. There is something going on here that is bigger than flying to the moon, I thought to myself.” — Wayne Biddle in DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, Wernher von Braun, the Third Reich and the Space Race (W.W. Norton, New York 2008)


Keep the memory alive

“Human bonds, relationships exist independently of space and time. You can feel close to someone who is far away, long gone or even dead. Secrets, doubts, and fear can destroy this invisible but strong bond. Then the loved one drifts away, irretrievably lost in the ocean of time, banished forever from the realm of those we miss.
Lea Dahlen went missing twenty years ago and Paula Dahlen hasn’t seen her sister ever since. Yet, something tells her that she cannot stop looking for her, that Lea still needs her. Paula’s family fell apart and moved, but Paula could not leave, she just couldn’t. She stayed behind, desperately holding up a fading feeling of sisterly love against the darkness that began to enwrap her memory. With the beginning of the story, it dawns on Paula that she must fight powerful, dark secrets, if she is to keep her memory, and then herself, alive.”


Runes are just waiting for their resurrection

Runes stem from mankind’s oldest religion. But they deal with energies, not with Gods. People of the North used them as doors into that other world which is right behind the surface of things, and yet unreachable for the common human being. Their origin is unknown. The Romans invaded the north, suppressed the usage and discredited Rune symbols as a primitive alphabet. Their power was soon to be forgotten. The Nazis resurrected the Runes in their search for means to gain control over minds and souls. By the time they found out that Runes are deeply anchored in our subconscious and just waiting for their resurrection, it fortunately was too late, the Third Reich was doomed. But the Runes’ power has never ceased to be – waiting to be Unleashed,