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I just posted my take on the very first self help book for scriptwriters on my company’s website. The book is THE POETICS by Aristotle, written around 400 A.D..

What I did was to extract all actionable advice from the somehow idiosyncratic book, so that you can digest it and use it without the need to go through 400 pages of “thorny read” as some critics have put it.

In order to make his rules and recommendations easier to understand, and to give you an idea of how to use them in your writing process, I applied them to a quintessential movie, CHINATOWN, written by the great, late Robert Towne, directed by Roman Polanski.

Check my paper out at And look out for my article about Aristotle and Chinatown on I love to get feedback, so why don’t you leave me a comment, right here?

Write on, whatever it takes.

Published by Michael Esser

Michael lives and works as scriptwriter and producer in Los Angeles. He won numerous US scriptwriting contests and develops TV series and feature films with renowned German and US talent and production companies. In Germany, Michael created and wrote drama series, over sixty TV movies and feature films. As a producer he initiated and overlooked national and international productions Michael won the GERMAN TELEVISION AWARD (“German Emmy”) and the Rose d’Or de Montreux as head writer of VERLIEBT IN BERLIN. He is currently completing his first novel. Michael studied editing at the National Italian Filmschool and holds a PhD from TU Berlin; he researched teaching methodology at UCLA’s School for Film and Televison (TFT), and works on an entertainment business related start-up in Natural Language processing (NLP). He also is an evaluator for the Directorate Research and Development of the European Union and a jury member for the German Television Academy. Michael dedicates his free time to marathon running and his role as a facilitator and panelist for the Neighborhood Justice Program (NJP) of Los Angeles’ City attorney Mike Feuer.

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