Keep the memory alive

“Human bonds, relationships exist independently of space and time. You can feel close to someone who is far away, long gone or even dead. Secrets, doubts, and fear can destroy this invisible but strong bond. Then the loved one drifts away, irretrievably lost in the ocean of time, banished forever from the realm of those we miss.
Lea Dahlen went missing twenty years ago and Paula Dahlen hasn’t seen her sister ever since. Yet, something tells her that she cannot stop looking for her, that Lea still needs her. Paula’s family fell apart and moved, but Paula could not leave, she just couldn’t. She stayed behind, desperately holding up a fading feeling of sisterly love against the darkness that began to enwrap her memory. With the beginning of the story, it dawns on Paula that she must fight powerful, dark secrets, if she is to keep her memory, and then herself, alive.”